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Illumination cord-sets, black, individual

Illumination cord-sets, black, individual
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Illumination cord-sets black assembled and tested

  • black Illumination flat cable H05RNH2-F2x1,5 (5 x 13 mm)
  • black bulb sockets with silicone gaskets
    - for lightbulbs max. 40 Watt per E27 socket
    - for LED-lamps max. 4 Watt per E27 socket (mounting position dependent)
    • mounting position A60 max. 4 Watt
    • mounting position P45 max. 2 Watt
    • other mounting positions max. 1 Watt
  • splash proofed for outdoor use IP44
  • Quality product made in EU

Lamps to be ordered separately

Shipping time: 7-14 days
Product no.: 1810010
from 18,18 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs
Length overall
  max. 500 m
Terminal Site
distance to first socket
lamp socket (total)
there of Suspension Socket
distance last socket to end
End Site
This configuration:

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Products description

Select the following items to configure your Illumination cord-set black:

Length overall:

  • cutting length of the cable

Terminal Site:

  • select the connection type here
    • Contour-Plug
    • Right-Angle-Connector
    • Plug Swiss Norm
    • RST-Plug
    • Cable-box
    • without plug

Distance to first socket:
  • Choose the distance between the connection piece and the first socket

Lamp Sockets (total):

  • Total number of E27 sockets mounted on the line
  • Seals as accessories

Number of sockets with suspension:

  • Number of E27 sockets to be mounted with suspension
  • The first version of the fairy lights is executed as suspension, the others are distributed symmetrically to the illu length.
    • Example: 10 frames, 2 hangers; position 1 and position 6 is executed as suspension
  • Other configuration items should be added as a remark later in the order. Thank you!

Distance last version to the end side:

  • Choose the distance you need between the last version until the end of the Illu-light chain


  • Choose the ending
    • Endpiece with hook
    • Tailpiece with loop, black
    • Heat shrinking end cap, black
    • Special-Coupler for Contour-Plug
    • RST-Socket

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  • Automatic switching from dusk until dawn as a result of the sensor in the device.
  • Timer control (1-9 hours) at dusk
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  • Plug and play as a result of the grounding contact and the coupling
Shipping time: 2-4 days
from 47,43 EURunit price 55,79 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs
safe box for protection against unintentional disconnection of extension cables for line max. 9 mm diameter
for connectors with a total length of max. 14 cm when mated
protection IP20
colour: black
Shipping time: 2-4 days
from 5,38 EURunit price 6,31 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Branch box for connction of multiple junctions

  • Thermosetting plastic
  • Colour: black
  • for flat cable H05RNH2-F 2 X 1,5², 5 x 13 mm
  • with piercing contacts
  • rated voltage 250 V AC
  • rated current 4A
  • IP 20
  • Pozidrive screws size 2
Shipping time: 2-4 days
from 6,10 EURunit price 7,18 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs
  • ILLU-flat-cable-inconnects
    • for H05RN-F 2 x 1,5 mm² (5 x 13 mm)color
  • color: black
  • IP20
Shipping time: 2-4 days
6,31 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs
  • LED Lamp drop shaped
  • polycarbonate piston
  • Color: warm white frosted (2700K)
  • Socket : E27
  • Wattage: 0,7 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • for light efficiency: 40 Lumen
  • not dimmable
energy efficiency label led

Illustration similar

Shipping time: 2-4 days
from 3,96 EURunit price 4,22 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Flat cable H05RNH2-F2x1,5
Colour: green
Dimensions: 5 x 13 mm

Shipping time: 2-4 days
from 1,95 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs